Jan. 15th, 2003


Jan. 15th, 2003 09:04 am
The 'best' -- and I use this term, not loosely, but in fact in direct contravention of its actual meaning -- thing about living in apartment #1 of my apartment building is that people constantly think that I have the faintest fucking idea what's going on. #1 is supposed to be where the janitor/super lives, after all, and so the fun of totally random people showing up at my door asking me things never really ends.

Today, I provided the number of the actual landlord to the police, because someone upstairs in apartment #10 was stabbed, and there's blood all over the hallway.

Now, I'm a hermit, so I don't actually know who lives in apartment #10, or anyone else in the building, really -- except the crazy French-Canadian guy who likes to stand outside with a walkman on, humming to himself and giving me what he seems to think are very meaningful looks. The police colourfully described those involved as 'two pakis,' which we won't really get into -- the neighbourhood is primarily East Indian/Pakistani, and so are the people in my building, so that doesn't really narrow anything down.

All in all, I'm not really pleased that people are being stabbed on the second floor, even if I'm living in the basement.
I would like more people to participate in the 'wailing', the 'gnashing of teeth', and the 'rending of garments.'

In particular, they might want to be wailing from 'beyond the city walls', gnashing their teeth at the 'ignonimous death of the noble Hector,' and rending their garments 'in my bedroom.'

This has been a public service announcement courtesy of the Society To Make The World More Like I Want It To Be.
When are you going to have a brother?

I don't knoww... my mom wants a boy, but I think I have enough SIBlings.

But maybe a boy would be different.

I don't think so. Everyone says that boys are more obnoxious than girls. And girls are already obnoxious.

They are. I know: I have one...

They are? Like Annika?


I don't know...

Like Annika?

They just are. It's in their nature.

Like Annika, with her 'Julie is my best friieeeeeennnd.'

Like Chloeyka?

No, like ANNikas. Ay en en eye kay ay, the one's with just one en are better, but still obNOxious.

Like Chloeyka...

ObNOxious. I don't like that word, obNOktcheous. It's such a weird word... obNOXious...

At this point we pass a scene in the park: a police car, and two policemen, as well as two other men, one of whom is kneeling around something covered by a blanket, which he is adjusting. The precise shape of the object is hard to make out, but it could be a body, or a person. The bus passes before you can really tell.

... what was that?

Did you see the blanket?

It must have been a kid.

You know, with the police...

Whatever was under the blanket was too smallll to be an adult.

It was a kid.

MAYbe he was shot.

There'd be more than just police if...

Maybe he got hit in the head.

Was he hit by a car?

MOst likely.

He was hit by a car, and they called the police before they called the ambu... or the police got there before the ambulance.

Could have been a hit and run...

I think he was dead. The blanket was over his face.

But if he was shot...


Like a HIT *thump* and.... run!


Apparently, Truman Capote could have a three hour conversation with someone, taking no notes, and then go back to his hotel room at night and transcribe the entire conversation word for word.

I would guess these girls were somewhere between 9 and 11 years old. There were three of them.

Exercise: Go through the dialogue and mark each line/statement as 'Girl 1', 'Girl 2' or 'Girl 3', trying to remain consistent throughout. Girl 3 doesn't speak at all in the second segment. Further: which girl was sitting next to me on the bus, and which two girls were standing in the aisle? Lastly, which girl was carrying a little ghettoblaster, which she turned on when she got off the bus?



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