Feb. 17th, 2009

Well so far all these forms have been somewhat familiar, at least to me -- time to enter the dangerously unpronouncable world of Welsh Meter. Since there are apparently twenty-four official Welsh meters, the book is practically overflowing with their tyrannical, quantitative-syllabic strictures:

"Clogyrnach (clog-ir-nach) is one of the twenty-four official Welsh "meters." It is a quantitative syllabic sestet stanza having line counts of 8-8-5-5-3-3 syllables, respectively. The two three-syllable lines may, if desired, be written as one six-syllable line. The stanza rhymes aabbba:

lines / syllables and rhymes
1. x x x x x x x a
2. x x x x x x x a
3. x x x x b
4. x x x x b
5. x x b
6. x x a

(Okay so that's not hard to pronounce at all. How disappointing!)


They always say, write what you know
and when you do don't tell -- just show.
Just so - that's why
I hardly write, I
hardly try,
sadly so.

The truth is that I don't know you
or me or where we're going to
be tomorrow. Or
what all this is for
or what more
I can do.

If only I could write what I
no, if only no sleep no sky
so blue no lies no
last pile of spring snow
melting so
slow nearby.

No leaving the house, no haircuts
since July no cigarette butts
between her fingers
no, nothing brings her
to linger --
a door shuts.

If only no lonely I knew
how to write you there's a few
things I know I could
list them and you would
see the good
shining through
me and maybe you'd write back, and
explain why I misunderstand
the simplest of things
or why when love stings
the world sings
on demand.


Well, it took a little to warm up but I am reminded again how rewarding it is to pay close attention to language, while you are writing it. It leads you on. I really do worry too much about having something to say.



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