Mar. 18th, 2009

Well after immense and mildly-expensive procrastination I finally booked my tickets for my forthcoming 'vacation' -- it's in quotations because I don't exactly work full time, so really it's more like a trip. I'll be flying in to Montreal just in time for Passover (like, I arrive at 4:45 and the seder is at 6), then at some nebulous point on the weekend I will somehow transport myself from Montreal to New York City. I want to take the train but the trip takes all day and the bus goes overnight; then again the whole reason I want to take the train is to see things go by outside the window, so day probably works better. Bizarrely, the bus is also more expensive and faster than the train.

Anyhow, then I'll be in New York for a week before flying back just in time to see Leonard Cohen play an enormous hockey stadium.

So if you happen to be in either Montreal or New York between April 8th and 18th, maybe we should hang out. Or say hi. Or you could at least give me advice on somewhere cool to go?

Actually that latter goes for anyone -- it seems to me that everyone who has been to NYC even once has some top-secret or personally-important Must See Thing, and I need all the help I can get or I will end up spending the entire time at the Met. So please, do regale me.



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