Jan. 9th, 2009

Perhaps you have been thinking to yourself that tonight, you should listen to some different music.

Well here is some music I was just listening to: a few different Canadian artists cover a few other better-known Canadian artists. They do the Guess Who, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. And Michel Rivard sings his own songs. I would suggest you skip the whole first set (unless you are a huge Guess Who fan) and begin with Michel Rivard. The Veda Hille/Giorgio Magnanensi version of Neil Young's Ohio is particularly excellent, if you require only a single song of different music. And at the end they also set Leonard Cohen's "Magic Is Alive" (from Beautiful Losers) to music.

If you do not like dissonance of any kind you may not like this music. Except the Michel Rivard, which is more conventional chanson, though you may not like that because it is in French.

The only problem with CBCs otherwise impressive library of concert recordings is that you need Real Player to listen to them. Frankly, the CBC's decision to yoke themselves to this particularly-noxious format is a national embarassment which should have long ago been overturned by Parliamentary decree.

Some other concerts that are probably excellent but I haven't listened to them yet:

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Old-school R&B/funk.
The Fits. One of Veda Hille's many other bands, with Patsy Klein.
Apostle of Hustle & Tanya Tagaq. Apparently one of these guys is in Broken Social Scene? I dunno, but Tanya Tagaq is cra-zy.



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